Sunday, February 8, 2015


Fat burners are diet supplements that claim to increase metabolic rate (the conversion of food into energy) and speed fat breakdown. Many of these products also claim to prevent starch, carbohydrate, and fat absorption, resulting in the equivalent to fat burning and attempt to convince consumers that they can lose weight without exercise or dieting. For example, some of the products claim that all you need do is take their pills and watch the fat burner do its work. Is any of this true? Well let us consider the facts. What is metabolism, what normally controls it, and can control of it lead to weight loss?
Conversion of what you eat and drink into energy comprises the metabolic process. Metabolism consists of complex biochemical processes during which the calorie containing molecules in food and beverages react with respiratory oxygen to release sufficient energy (heat) that the body requires to carry out daily activities. The caloric value of a particular food or drink, as noted on packaging labels and based on a defined serving size, corresponds to the energy released for either immediate use or storage. 
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